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So I’ve been working the last few days to get a new game on the road. It’s something me and some friends have been talking about regularly. It will become a turn based tactics game like Spaxe Hilk, but with a few differences:

  • Fantasy style, lightly based on Dragonlance series (
  • Thieves, Clerics, fighters…
  • Stealth and perception checks
  • Traps and disable traps/open locks
  • Wizard battles, with different types of wizards
  • Fog of war and line of sight
  • Spells: From healing spells to damage spells and utility and summons
  • Like Spaxe hilk you can setup teams and coop
  • A dungeon master view, where you can place traps, summon monsters and do other nasty stuff to hte players
  • PBEM games, setup your game and send it forth
  • New particle effects for spells and the likes
  • More? Probably…
Here is a small sneak peak (remember, the graphics and name are still WIP)
Dungeon master view Thief in stealth mode Start screen