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After a few months of work I’m releasing an alpha version of the game for people to play.  It’s the core of the gameplay for you to check out. This is an early version so here are a few things that aren’t in yet:

  • Animations on characters
  • Sounds or music
  • Lots of dungeon master tools
  • And there might still be some bugs here and there

So what is in this version you ask?

  • Become a wizard and choose between a white, red and black wizard. Or become a thief, fighter or cleric
  • Play an entire party of 4 characters and control them all, or if you’re with more people you can split control between players
  • Play online, over LAN or PBEM
  • Play as a dungeon master and summon monsters out of the line of sight of the party
  • Play deathmatch games and take on other characters
  • There are currently 26 different player abilities (spells, weapons and skills) and this will increase in future version, perhaps with input from you
  • Particle effects for most abilities
  • Build on Java and opengl, so it should work on Windows, Linux and Mac (you might need to copy the native libraries from Battlelance\native\<platform> to Battlelance\native. On default Windows libraries will be loaded.

  1. Make sure you have Java 1.7 installed. Or download it here.
  2. Extract the Zip file anywhere.
  3. If you want to set your resolution other then default edit this in etc/ (open with any texteditor)
  4. If you want to do a PBEM, you can set your SMTP server settings in the same file, so Battelance can automatically send your turn files.
  5. For Windows users, just run the Battlelance.bat file
  6. For Linux users run: java -Djava.library.path=”native/linux” -jar BattleLance.jar etc/
  7. Mac users run: java -Djava.library.path=”native/macosx” -jar BattleLance.jar etc/

And play! Do mind, this is a multiplayer game, there is no AI build in at this moment (this might be something for the future).

Have fun!

Burning skeletons alive! Or something...

Burning skeletons alive! Or something…


So I’ve been working the last few days to get a new game on the road. It’s something me and some friends have been talking about regularly. It will become a turn based tactics game like Spaxe Hilk, but with a few differences:

  • Fantasy style, lightly based on Dragonlance series (
  • Thieves, Clerics, fighters…
  • Stealth and perception checks
  • Traps and disable traps/open locks
  • Wizard battles, with different types of wizards
  • Fog of war and line of sight
  • Spells: From healing spells to damage spells and utility and summons
  • Like Spaxe hilk you can setup teams and coop
  • A dungeon master view, where you can place traps, summon monsters and do other nasty stuff to hte players
  • PBEM games, setup your game and send it forth
  • New particle effects for spells and the likes
  • More? Probably…
Here is a small sneak peak (remember, the graphics and name are still WIP)
Dungeon master view Thief in stealth mode Start screen