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And… It’s been a while. I’m still here, but there are so many side projects I’m working on I didn’t get to do much on Battlelance lately. I’ve been playing Dominions 4 a lot currently, while I’m not working at my day work. If you like turn based strategy games and can look past the old fashioned graphics, Dominions 4 is the game is for you. You create a pretender god, select a race (out of more than 75) based on our worlds mythologies and off you go! You fight to become the dominant religion in the world, after the previous god has left the world. In game the possibilities are almost endless. Do you want to turn a simple goat, who was donated to your temple by a poor farmer, into a death mage, riding the winds on his magical carpet all the while wielding a battleaxe with a copper arm you mounted on its body and commanding an army of frost-giants? Well, with this game you can! With more than 2000 different units and monsters, over 800 different spells and over 300 different kinds of items you can do about anything! Have a look here:

We’re hosting our own private dedicated servers, so we created our own web interface to keep track of our turns, Dominions Orchestra. We’ll release it in due time 🙂

On a different note, I’ve been putting in some work in a procedural world generator, based on Perin Noise. I found this wonderful example on how to create your own height maps:

This in combination with some nice colouring and fading results into the following landmasses:

Perin noise world