Spaxe Hilk

Spaxe Hilk is a game obviously based on Space Hulk, it only sounds way more sexier right? What is Space Hulk you might ask? Well Space Hulk is a boardgame by the people of GameWorkshop. It’s loosely based on the Warhammer games, but more of an Aliens (movie) feel to it. It can be played with 2 or more players where you either play space marines or aliens. The space marines have to reach certain objectives, while the aliens try to prefend the marines from reaching them. Spaxe Hilk adds a twist to it, as it’s playable in teams of FFA with more then 2 players. Thereby allowing marine vs marine battles and alien vs alien. Think about the mayhem when 4 marine players try to reach certain objectives on the map while battling each other and in the meanwhile getting ambushed by a 5th alien player. Though it’s fully playable, it’s still early in development and will likely be improved with new features as it gets along.

It’s completely written in Java on top of opengl (all native libraries are included so with some customization it should work as well on a Mac or Linux)

Spaxe hilk is made on Java 1.7 and with the help of:

  1. smzp says:

    don’t run in linux:

    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
    at sh.SpaceHulkGame.main(

    I use oracle java 8. Please help.

  2. Adrian Vladu says:

    Hello, there!
    From where can I get the source code with unit tests?


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