Battlelance 0.04

Posted: 2013/08/01 in Battlelance
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This went quicker then expected. I’ve uploaded a new version of Battlelance, now with the working inventory and loot drops from DM spawns. I’ve added a few new items that are in the dynamic loot spawn list. I might have broken a few things in PBEM with the addition of items, but I don’t have the time to test it for hours. So if you find any issues, please do report them. Hopefully it’ll improve the game 🙂

Next up is to revise the character menu, all those items clutter up the ability and spell lists, so it’s time to think about something more user friendly.

The changelog for version 0.04:

  • ADD: Inventory screen
  • ADD: Gave every character items
  • ADD: Equipment slots (more to come)
  • ADD: Item pickup/dropping
  • ADD: Loot drops (15% atm) from Dungeon master spawns
  • ADD: New items for spawns
  • ADD: 1 use items (healing potions, scrolls)
  • Fixed: DM screen issues in placement phase
  • Fixed: Attack bonus penalty becaus everybody had 0 strength

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