Inventory test

Posted: 2013/07/31 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a small inventory test video. I’ve got the system so far that you can now equip, drop, pickup and unequip items. And multiplayer synchronization seems to work as well. So far the system works pretty good 🙂 Now I just different kinds of loot and perhaps a barter screen, where you can switch gear without having to drop it on the floor.

I’ve also noticed a bug in version 0.03, where your attack bonus was 5 points lower then normal (people won’t hit anything). I was a bit to enthusiastic with the RPG stats system and the chance of hitting something was also based on the strength of the character, but everybody has 0 strength atm…  I’ll try to get an updated version up as soon as possible, probably with the first version of the inventory so people can try it out.


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