Proof of concept: Inventory

Posted: 2013/07/29 in Battlelance, Game development
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As said in my last blog post, I’m working on an inventory system. Before all Battlelance characters where just a bunch of stats, from now on they’ll be stats and items! Ain’t that cool.

I’ve already got some work into a proof of concept of the inventory system I discussed earlier, and I have the basics working in game.

Each unit has a “Backpack” and a few equipment slots (to be determined). Some items have effects if they sit in your backpack, such as the health potion in the next example. Others give abilities and effects if they are equipped, such as the warhammer and full-plate armour in the said example.

Here are some screenshots on demonstrate my meaning:

Items in backpack

Items in backpack

Items equiped

Items equiped


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