Development blog: Items

Posted: 2013/07/25 in Battlelance
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This blog is mainly me thinking aloud on how items should work. Non of this is either set in stone, or the best way to go forwards. It’s just writing down some ideas on how to use ingame items in the context of Battlelance.

Items add a new layer to the game, they can be placed by a level designer at a critical point to just give you that health potion at just the right time. For Battlelance I hope to implement just that, but also more. The different characters already start with a certain equipment (atm just stats and abilities), some of those stats and abilities, like the possibility to strike with a sword or the armour rating of a fighter should be coming from the equipment he’s wearing. This means that items give these abilities and effects, but they can give them at certain times. A health potion can be drunk from the backpack, but a sword can only be used when equipped. This means an Item has a 4 lists:

  • Backpack effects
  • Backpack abilities
  • Equipped effects
  • Equipped abilities

Once a played picks up an item, the backpack effects will start to take effect, and the backpack abilities should be added to the list of player abilities. Once an item is equipped to the right slot (should be an property of the item), the equipped effects and abilities come into play. Equipping items should cost time, if it would cost an entire action point (you get one of them per turn). It means the player has to think very carefully about when switching weapons.

Chest with healing potion

Chest with healing potion


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