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Posted: 2013/05/05 in Battlelance
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This new site has been up for a few days now, and I’ll try to update it with more info on Battlelance in the days to come. Progress on the game has been a bit slow this weekend as I wasn’t home that much, but I did do some interesting stuff on the game master’s side of the game.

The game master will have 3 type of abilities, at the start of the game points can be distributed how much he can spend on these during the game.

Spawn points, these points are per turn and determine how much monsters the game master can place per turn. At the moment there are only 2 types of summons:

  • Skeletons, your standard fighting unit.
  • Wizards eye, a summoned eye who’s quite frail but has a high perception skill and who has the ability to see through invisibility spells.

Trap points, these points are per game and determine how many traps you can place during the game. You can spend them all at once in the first turn or you can wait to see what path in the dungeon the characters will take and focus them around there.

Ability points, these points determine how many general nasty abilities you can perform per turn. One such ability is to put a lock on doors the characters will have to pass, thereby slowing them down and giving you time to prepare an ambush in one of the rooms beyond.

All game master abilities must be used outside the line of sight of the characters so you can’t spawn a skeleton right in front of an enemy party, but you can put one right around the corner. In the current version the number of abilities is limited, but the system I’ve build should allow me to quickly add new creatures, traps and general abilities.

Play by email setup

Play by email setup

Dungeon master abilities

Dungeon master abilities


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